Special Yin Class 03/03/2017

Yin yoga is a complementary discipline to a Yang practice .

”While Yang yoga works on the muscle tissue , Yin yoga focuses on connective tissues.
During this 2 hours you will practice a yin yoga session created  to help prevent joint rigitidy and immobility, to enliven degenerative tissues and simultaneously nourishing the meridians.”
– Nadis
 İstanbul’da gerçekleşen özel ders ve workshoplar için;
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A detox doesn’t always mean a diet. You can detox through yoga too ! When you are connected to your physical form, in the flow of respecting and honouring it, you will want to treat your temple better.
Let’s come together to feel cleaner inside and more energetic outside !!

This class is open to all levels.
All poses and sequences will be taught in stages. Every level of student will be supported and challenged!

Location :

Date :  October 7, 2016

Hours : 19.00-21.00