Yoga & Ego

Yoga and Ego


The first years that I found myself in the world of yoga, I was very impressed by the flexible, shape-changing bodies of yogis and their calm and peaceful poses. Later, influenced by the ethics yoga taught me throughout practice, I completely believed that all yogis are a group of people devoted into further developing themselves and to introducing awareness in their milieu. The practices that I was taught and that I carried out with my body were so deep and held such a mystical power, that it would be impossible to believe otherwise. Along with all the day-to-day changes in me, I practiced everything suggested to me. Do not harm yourself and others, always speak the truth, do not touch what does not belong to you, do not forget a greater power exists, do not take responsibility for everything, keep your mind and body pure, develop your sense of gratitude, train your senses, meet your existence by working on it… are some of those; the Yama and Niyama’s. Patanjali suggests in Yoga Sutra to learn and assimilate these rules before practicing the asanas.

Personally, yoga practice started as a body workout and then, by implementing the asanas, I got absorbed into delving deeper in these rules. Months and years passed by… With time, I discovered what a dream breaker this world is too. The problem, though, was not in practice or in what it was taught. Like my Ashtanga teacher in India would say: “Yoga has the power to support a person’s ego. The true yogi is the one that becomes aware of this and works on it.” When switching from one pose to another, ensuring flexibility, I wonder, what kind of relationship do we establish with our ego? Every year, just like the mass production of a factory, there is a new wave of yoga teachers. Undoubtedly, it is lovely that people get to know and understand yoga, because, from the bottom of my heart, I believe that it is essential to awaken and to develop our awareness to better this world. Yoga is the art of discovering yourself. This is why I chose the slogan, which totally reflects me, “Nice to meet yourself”.

Through this, I want to call out to all the new yoga teachers. Please, leave your ego to the side. Think over the things that were given, taught to us. We were taught that by becoming a yoga teacher we do not gain a higher title but in the contrary, we are supposed to be modest. Be humble, as much as you can. Do not represent others’ ideas as yours. Of course, getting inspiration from others is not a crime, but offer to your milieu things that come from within you, from your heart. Rethink the reasons for which you decided to become a yoga teacher.

Like my teacher Chris always says, “Be yourself”. When you’re in class, do not change your voice with that teacher’s attitude. You are there to share your experiences in your journey of further developing your own life. You are already beautiful the way you are and through the asanas, you teach your students to open their inner eyes, you are teaching them to be aware. Do not forget that yoga is a reflection of “everything you are,” everyone has his own talent. Yoga, as the result of breath and body practices, is the unity between our present minds and a heart full of passion. Even when you are practicing these unbelievable asanas, remember that you are fully connected to the divine power. Remember so that you can carry on spreading the light around you.


Muge Konuralp

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