Yin -Yang Symbol


Yin-Yang symbol containes a big wisdom. This ancient symbol has a big importance for our healing .
Without the light and goodness, life is meaningless. Much of the light is paralyzed in violence, pain and suffering. The only way to create more light and love is transformation.

Transformation means the destruction, death of one thing for the next. Death brings darkness and without darkness there is not any transformation. And if there is not transformation there is not also gaining of light.
So, the object of health and creating abundance is to accept dark light, not see it like an enemy.
If we can transform the darkness we obtain more compassion, growing love.
Spiritually, it means converting personal pain into joy and more love.
The Yin-Yang symbol is the wisdom for living in harmony with nature, according the laws of the nature which we experience every day .
Yin-Yang symbol contains the seasons of the yearly cycle: spring which is the birth, summer is the growth, autumn is to decay and winter is death and back to into spring, as re-birth. This cycle exists in every aspect of our lives, phsysically, emotionally and spiritually.

The reunion with Nature on every level of our being is the more important thing that we have to understand.

This symbol is a reflection of the world we live in and the world we are. It’s our own body, the body of the Earth, rivers, plants and everything else. It’s also our relationship with nature and everyday life. So when you contemplate and think on this symbol, you can see your life and the natural world. This symbol has a form of circle which represents wholeness because any point on the circumference of the circle is equidistant from its center. It means that no part of the circle is separated from the Truth, Harmony or “God”.

Honoring both dark and light in ourselves and in natural world is to honor the whole of the circle, if we do not, this causes stagnation, pain, disconnection and decreasing our participation in life. So, understanding Yin-Yang will bring us to healing: flow of the dark in the light, life to death…and rebirth!
In Yin-Yang symbol there is no waste, dark, painful holds the seeds for light, beauty and renewal.
When Yang is overemphasized or diseased state, like today in the world, it turns into unnatural Yin which is death without renewal .

Yin is archetypal feminine, Yang is archetypal masculine, and both exist in each of us and all of nature and neither is ultimately more important than other . There is not dark -Yin without light -Yang and viceversa .This happens every day…there is no night without day , no rest without activity !Yin and Yang are entirely interdepentent and they generate and support on another. Nature is boss :) if we do not follow law, we will lose.

Without coolness, heat has no relief and without heat, coolness cannot warm up itself .But , each condition in excess leads to death .

Conscious awareness, light is incomplete without awareness of our unconscious ,dark. To be able to see the consciousness to what is dark in us , unites everything in wholeness. This is ‘ the Yin-Yang symbol in action .

Substantially, darkness is not bad ,it is needed for the light and the light without darkness burns everything… So, we can explain that what is dark and painful in us is merely an opportunity for growth and learning.

When we do not grieve our losses, our heart breaks and our emotional pain is expressed in physical manifestation in tight muscles, congestion, postural anomalies (autumn) stagnates in us causing depression, anger, violence, closed-heartedness. When we grief our losses and “die through our pain” (winter’s death), we free our hearts and create the fertile ground for the enjoyment of a creative and joyfull life (spring and summer). So, we do not control the transformation, we just facilitate it by being with what is moment to moment, day by day.

By Jack Adam Weber

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