Who am I?

Hi, I’m Müge;

If you wonder who Müge is, I’ll tell you she is an awareness, personal growth, and yoga lover, but most importantly a mother. A mother of two amazing girls!

Since I was a child, my family would tell me that my hands are very valuable and that I should take good care of them. However, without being aware of this, all I did with my tiny hands was play the piano.

I was born in Istanbul, in a medical family, a legacy started by my ancestors. Although my father insisted that I become a doctor, I chose to be a graduate of the Department of Architecture in the University of Genoa. Choosing a Greek colleague as my husband, I moved in a small Greek city named Agrinio. Living in this city with all the knowledge I had acquired (3 languages, music-conservatory and Architectural Academia), I was unaware of the surprises awaiting for me.

In the period of my life spent in between Turkey- Istanbul, Greece- Athens, Italy- Genoa & Milan, I met yoga. My aspiration to work out and train my body was what led me to explore yoga, like almost everybody else. I could never even dream that coming across yoga, would completely change ‘Müge’. The philosophy behind yoga, alongside the physical practice, held the power to to guide me in the discovery of a direction in my life. Immersing into this philosophy, I realized that this journey is one to gradually ‘introduce myself to me.’

My trainings can be listed as such:

  • India, Mysore Ashtanga Yoga 200 TT
  • India, Goa Himalayan Iyengar Center
  • India, Goa Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Sarah Powers Yin Yoga 50 TT
  • Ross Rayburn, Immersion II Anusara Yoga
  • A. Rossopoulou, Yoga on Swings
  • Chris Chavez, Path to teaching 200 TT
  • U.Kurtic-Y.L.G. Ulcay-U.Jyoti- Ken the Rolfer & M.Sounder, Hatha Yoga 200 TT
  • Tara Judelle & K. Charantiniotis, Anusara Yoga 100 TT
  • Peter Goodmaan,Therapeutics
  • Desire Rumbaugh, Allignment
  • Chris Chavez, 300 TT
  • Banu Cadirci, Vini Yoga -Yoga therapy
  • Cate Stillman, Body Thrive- Ayurvedic Approach to the Habits
  • Marc David, Psychology of Eating. Mind body Eating Coach Certification Training (in progress)

Awareness is, I believe, a significant virtue that we can train. Undoubtedly, everything starts with physical awareness, since the only thing we can see and touch is our body which we shall understand better before moving into deeper layers, such as the mind and heart.

As you come closer to yourself, you are the one to decide to either accept or get rid of your valuable or harmful habits you start observing. This is a period that requires work and patience, but ultimately leads us to light and peace.

As mentioned above, we start by noticing and feeling our organs, limbs and breath. Turning our senses inwards instead of focusing on external stimuli, we learn to make peace with ourselves and we accept that we are a part of the universe. There! After this process, we show respect to the universe we belong to, by choosing a lifestyle that suits its rhythms and rules.

Myself, I consider to be lucky to have learned and implemented this truth. My luck doubles and even triples with my yoga students and counselees, because sharing this ancient teaching I have experienced myself, fills me with happiness.

Yes, I did not become a medical doctor like my father, my uncles and my grandfathers, but my outlook to humanity and all souls as a whole (holistic), reveals and strengthens my hereditary healing power.

Hopefully, our paths somehow cross and with our knowledge and life experiences we will continue to grow with one another.

We’ll find each other soon...

Müge Konuralp