When You Avoid Facing A Situation, There Is A Lesson To Be Learned


Today, while I was preparing the practice of the day, I caught myself thinking: “All these arm balancing poses I can’t manage them very well myself anyway, just leave them for another day.” Then I remembered something our teachers constantly repeat: “All those things that we dislike have definitely something to teach us.” Hmmm… So, what is there for me to learn from these arm balancing poses?

One of the gifts that yoga has offered me is teaching me how to be curious of all those things that I dislike so much, instead of just escaping.

In the past I could make an endless list with all those situations that would come to me but I would refrain myself from, not wanting to face them… and I wouldn’t say that to this day I don’t do this anymore! :) However, as soon as I realize that I’m running away, the feeling of curiosity emerges too.

Why could this be happening? What is scaring me? Is it the situation or the pose itself that scare me or the feelings hidden sneakily behind all this?

Yoga practice is so interesting. Yes, you start working with your body since it’s the sole tangible tool upon which you can actually work: your body, your arms, your legs, etc.

With the greatest gift you have received, your body, you can reach multiple layers. Even the only way to commence the journey of discovering the actual reasons hidden behind your feelings, is by practicing yoga.

If you think, just like my daughter, “Alas! You use yoga for everything!”, then I would just suggest that you just try it, because yoga practice is not something that can be generalized but it depends upon our individual experience.

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