Food & Lord Krishna

Eat to live and not live to eat


Lord Krishna says to Arjuna : “The food which is dear to each is threefol. Hear the distinctions of these . The foods which increase vitality , energy , vigor and joy and which are delicious , bland , substantial and agreeable are dear to the pure .The passionate desire foods that are bitter , sour , saline , excessively hot , pungent , dry and burning and which produce pain , grief , and disease .The food which is stale , tasteless , putrid and rotten , leavings and impure is dear to the tamasic ” – Bhagavad Gita . Ch.VII-8,9,10.

Different foods produce different effects on different compartments of the brain. Food exercises tremendously vast influence over the mind . You can see it in everyday-life . It is very difficult to control mind after a heavy , sumptuous , indigestible , rich meal. The mind runs , wanders and jumps like an ape all the time. Alcohol causes great excitement of the mind .

Food is only a mass of energy . Water and air also supply energy to the body . Tou can live without food for several days but you cannot live without air even for a few minutes . What is wanted to feed the body is energy .

We need a well-balanced diet , not a rich diet . A rich diet produces diseases of the liver , kidneys and pancreas .A well-balanced nutrition helps to grow , to turn out more work , keeps up the efficiency , stamina and high standard of vim and vigor.

Man has invented so many kinds of dishes just to satisfy his palate and made life complex . We call ourself a civilized man , when we are really ignorant and deluded by the senses .Our mind get upset when we cannot get this dishes  !Is this real  strength?We have become an absolute slave of our tongue. We have to be natural and simple in eating and drinking.

Eat to live and not live to eat .

Follow this golden rule and be happy.

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