A Different Kind of Journey

With this entry, I’d like to go on a journey with you…


I can imagine, you love traveling and seeing new places, just like I do. However, it is not always easy to go on a trip either because of our tight schedule or just because it is impossible right now. Then we start not only feeling sorry for ourselves, but getting jealous of others too.

With this entry, I’d like to go on a journey with you…

Let’s have a look, first, at the trips we, generally, go to! When we go to a new place, we come across different and charming, people, buildings, mind-blowing shop displays, cafés…

It’s just like our everyday lives, filled with fascinating images that make us lose our minds.

What would happen if we could turn this trip within? In other words, what I invite you to do is to close your eyes for a few moments and start a journey towards yourself. Throughout this journey we’ll have to move through darkness and I know that, for some of you, it might be a difficult practice, just like how I felt in the beginning. We benefit, though, just from merely putting an effort. Plus, I would like to remind you a Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, get up eight.” This is why you shouldn’t fall into the pitfall of choosing the easy way out by thinking that this practice is not for you, after the unsuccessful first couple of times!

This might be the most interesting journey we could go on to. Imagine that there is a path inside of you, that leads to yourself; who knows how many unidentified, unconscious points about yourself you can discover.

Simply sitting in a comfortable manner, is enough. There is no need for you to sit in the lotus position per se. You can even sit on a chair, if you like, though pay attention to keep your spine straight. You could keep your eyes open, but I would suggest that you let yourself go into the darkness by closing your eyes, not to get easily distracted by external stimuli.

You can start by sinking in the silence and focusing on your breath. Of course, your thoughts will start racing, thinking of that delicious coffee you’re drinking in the afternoon, the fight you had yesterday with you friend, the workload you still have to complete, etc. Always remember, creating thoughts is our body’s duty. So, think about this practice as a way of telling to your heart “Stop, stop and take a break, you’ve worked too hard.”

You can understand what you’re busy with in your head, just by observing the thoughts your body creates. In other words, the only thing you have to do is to sit in silence and observe yourself; your body, your breath and, even, your thoughts.

Don’t immediately start off by setting a bunch of rules that you need to sit down for, at least, 15 minutes or anything like that. Let it go, relax and don’t restrict yourself with rules but, instead, make a plan for yourself which you can follow without falling behind. Simply, remain still and silent everyday, even if that lasts only for 2 minutes. Imagine, it’s like you’re making a sand dune and by sitting in silence everyday for 2-3 minutes, you grow your dune grain by grain. Be patient and see what happens after practicing for, like, a month. Share with me your experiences too, I’m looking forward to it. #nicetomeetyourself #spandayoga #bhavanayoga

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