More about me…

Yoga directed me to a completely new path as a human being. In the beginning Yoga for me, was a kind of sport activity, but  as time passed i realized that it guided me to change my perspective towards life and I wanted to study in depth this ancient mystique science.

The more I practiced Yoga, I realized that I was working on a different level. There were alterations in my body, soul and behavior. As a result, I put aside all the dense sport activities and I decided to redefine and improve myself. Thankfully, I finally figured out that the essence of life is to find inner balance and to realize the beautiful miracles of life.

The first Yoga certificate I had was for 200 hours in Mysore, India, on Ashtanga Yoga. Later, after following courses in the Himalayan Iyengar Center, I attended courses of Ayurvedic nutrition, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Immersion II of Anusara with Ross Rayburn and Yoga on Swings with Alexandra Rossopoulou.

In addition, I completed 200 hours of training with Chris Chavez, “Path to Teaching”. Except from the previous training I attained a certificate of Hatha Yoga with Urun Kutric, Yara Leite Goulart Ulcay, Uma Jyoti, Ken the Rolfer and Michael Saunder.

One of the most recent teacher training was the Anusara Yoga “Skill of Teaching”, with Kostantinos Charantiniotis and Tara Judelle. Last but not least, is my training on Therapeutics Yoga with Peter Goodman.

Despite my certificates and trainings in Yoga, I received the Initiation to practice the Babaji’s Kriya Yoga ” OM Healing Blessing ” from Saraswati Karuna Devi.

I completed also 80 hours of Thai Yoga Massage with Jon Mandeville

In the path of student and teacher that I am following, I try with all my heart to share the belief that: “Yoga is a way of personal development, a way to come closer to your true self. Yoga is a way of healing, as it helps us know and love ourselves, allowing us to find an equilibrium between our environment and the Universe.”

In my opinion, teaching yoga is something more than being a simple teacher; it is a blissful chance to share the tools, knowledge, we need in the common path that we follow in our lives.